About Us


With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the Human Resources profession in Commerce, Engineering and Industry, New World Personnel will provide a professional service to our clients by becoming a business partner to add value to your bottom line.

Strategic Direction

Many companies today do not share the strategic direction with the different teams and employees within the organisation. The business environment is extremely competitive in today’s market. It is important to have the edge on competitors and to assist with this we need to share the strategic direction of the company with our employees.


In order to become a business partner we will strive to understand your business, value chain and culture to ensure a good “Job fit” and staff retention for each candidate selected. A clear and accurate definition of recruitment criteria, in alignment with business objectives, is critical for successful recruitment.


The recruitment process includes advertising, screening, preliminary interviews, reference checking and legal compliance to select suitable candidates for the position. Selected cv’s are submitted for consideration to the client, followed by the arrangement of interviews with top calibre candidates.

Criminal, Qualifications and Credit Checks

Our consultants are well experienced and qualified to select high performers to match your needs in business. All checks will be completed on request and pending an offer for the candidate:

Finger printing for criminal checks by our full trained consultants.
Qualification checks.
Credit checks.

Code of Ethics

  • Our commitment in providing you with a first class service which includes honesty, integrity, legal compliance in the recruitment process and transparency.
  • Provide the best possible service to our clients with our well experienced and professional consultants.
  • We will have respect for each other, our clients and our candidates.
  • Provide references that are a true reflection of the discussion between the referee and the consultant.
  • Maintain confidentiality with all client information and adhere to “The Protection Of Personal Information Act” with all candidate information.
  • Not practice any discrimination of any kind in our processes.